Paris Rose

Me in Paris, posing by Notre Dame Cathedral, September 2013

Me in Paris, posing by Notre Dame Cathedral, September 2013

]My novella, Paris Rose, is to be published by The Wild Rose Press! This one took me a while to write and was partly inspired by my trip to Paris last September. I set most of my stories in either England (where I am from), Denver (where I have lived for the past 20 years) but I so wanted Paris to feature in a story. And I came up with Paris Rose, the story of Lucy, a Paris-trained chef who winds up in Denver. Most of the action in Paris Rose takes place in the Denver suburbs I am very familiar with, but a single, very important scene is set in Paris, a city I love and carry the most delicious memories of.

Where do you set your stories?


2 thoughts on “Paris Rose

  1. I’ve set a couple stories in Paris, too. It’s a city we’ve visited several times. I have a series contracted with HarperImpulse set in Clearwater, Florida where we once vacationed and another series set between Baton Rouge and New Orleans where we’ve also spent some time. But I also enjoy setting stories in places I’d like to go like the Hillcountry of Texas, Wyoming and North Dakota. I’m writing a series for Random House set in the Scottish Highlands.

    I’ll be eager to read your story. I have another book brewing, set in Paris during the Lost Generation, featuring a jazz saxophonist from the States and a Parisian woman. We were in Paris the month of September so I could take lots of pictures and research. I was also able to get two of my books published by The Wild Rose Press stocked in the famous Shakespeare and Company–a thrill, believe me.

    Good luck to you. Wishing you fabulous sales…and if you need a place to promote, Vintage Vonnie is always open. Email me at vonnie(dot)davis@ymail(dot)com and we’ll set up a date.

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