Shelf Discovery

I’m back from a wonderful, relaxing week in Iowa. I had the chance to catch up on some writing – 3 whole days to myself with nothing to do but write! Now here I am, trying not to feel too deprived as I carve out my usual bits of time here and there, a little in the afternoon, some in the evenings if I’m not too tired. While I was away I discovered an audio review of An Accidental Kiss – it’s actually 6 months old. It was quite a thrill to listen to it.

Yesterday I received the cover art for Paris Rose – and it’s so lovely. An artist named Debbie Taylor did it and I feel so lucky to have landed her. I’ve added a Paris Rose page on this blog where you can see it, and I’ll add any more information, such as a release date, when I know. I now have the galleys so it’s getting close.

I finally feel I’m getting into the swing of things with my next novella, which has been a bit of a struggle and received a big thumbs down from Entangled Publishing last year. However – along with their rejection they also told me exactly where they thought I’d gone wrong. Of course it stung, but after several months of procrastination I steeled myself and slashed away the first 10,000 words (ouch!) and have started a big rewrite. I’m glad because in spite of it being a bit of a mess, I like this story very much. It’s called Come Away With Me and it’s set in a small village in England. There’s no mice in this one, but there is a cottage with a leaky roof and a nosy neighbor named Elsie.


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