Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage

I’m not quite sure where or when I acquired this vintage print but it was several years ago in one of the little junk/antique stores I used to have time to poke around in. I love this little cottage, the trees towering behind it, the lupines, roses and daisies in the front garden, the curving stone path that leads to a green door that has been left ajar. I’ve probably spent a bit more time than is healthy wondering what is beyond that door. Naturally, I had to write a story featuring this cottage and I finished Rainy Days and Roses yesterday, and now I need to send it out into the world, and it seems so strange not to be grabbing every spare minute in the day to work on it. Whenever I have something going I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever come up with and this is how I feel about the story of Dan and Zelda, childhood friends who find themselves fixing up a ramshackle cottage in a small village in Suffolk, England . . . Now it’s completed I can finally do some housework and feed the children.

Paris Rose is going to be available free on Kindle from March 17th – March 23rd, and it now has an official release date – July 16th. I am making a blog appearance on Angela Hayes blog in a few weeks and am meanwhile trying to come to grips with blogging and tweeting and facebooking whilst getting to work on a new project. Spring is just around the corner. Weather is gorgeous and I have lots and lots of laundry . . .


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