April/May News

IMG_0862So much has happened since my last post, we’ve been lashed by tornadoes, had a high school graduation and I’ve twice returned to Perry. A few weeks ago I signed the contract for Rainy Days and Roses and I’m pleased because I LOVE this story, probably more than anything I’ve written before. It did take a bit of blood, sweat and tears to get right and I slashed the first 10,000 words and added a few new characters, read it through one last time and sent it off. When the Wild Rose Press accepted it 6 weeks later I read it again (spotting a few things I will change) but mostly really enjoying reuniting with Zelda, Dan, Maggie, Vera, Elsie and Bernard.

In other writing news I sold a short story to True Story, Summertime Blues will appear in the August issue.

After a monumental struggle, I managed to create a signature for my email, so now everyone who receives email from me can click on my Facebook and Twitter links and buy links to my books on Amazon!

I turned 53. Mr. B gave me a Charlotte’s Web T-shirt, book about E. B. White (Charlotte’s Web is the novel that made me want to write) an apron patterned with owls and a canvas bag and mug featuring the cover art for Paris Rose.

I’ve been promoting Paris Rose like mad and received some lovely reviews on Amazon – always a thrill to read.

And as always I continue to write, in 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, while waiting for the school bus to arrive, while the chili is simmering, while my pot of coffee gurgles away in the morning . . . IMG_0861



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