Trip to Chicago and the Man in the Cardigan

June was a month during which I just had to reconcile myself to not writing. Youngest son was home from school, and children with autism can be pretty demanding, especially when their safe routines suddenly disappear. What I DID manage to do was edit Rainy Days and Roses and join a very nice group of writers for help/insights/critiques/moaning sessions. And then last week I had a wonderful time in Perry, LeClaire and Chicago. Hot weather, lightning bugs, wine, lunch looking over the Mississippi and two days in one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities I have ever visited.

Even though I wrote quite blithely in the paragraph above that ‘I just had to reconcile myself to not writing’ it wasn’t an easy or happy time for me, because writing has become a habit I need in order to relax and feel fulfilled. So before I went away I scribbled about a 1000 words, a possible opening for something new, and now here I am back into my normal routine (phew!) writing in the afternoons, and also this week trying to promote Paris Rose, which had its general release yesterday.

Life seems to be full of little surprises when you write. Sometimes they can be a bit unpleasant (characters refusing to do what you want them to, lukewarm reviews etc) but sometimes they can be rather lovely. Yesterday I heard that a ghost story I wrote a while ago called The Man in the Cardigan is going to be included in a print anthology which will be on sale in the UK in early October. So aChicago 2014 053

Chicago 2014 059

Chicago 2014 085m now looking forward to a reread of The Man in the Cardy in the company of other ghost stories and receiving a release date for Rainy Days and Roses!


2 thoughts on “Trip to Chicago and the Man in the Cardigan

  1. Chicago remains my all time favorite city to visit: That Midwest feel of comfortable with just a splash of city excitement. My BFF from high school and I try to make it there whenever we can. This year’s trip got cancelled due to the failing health of her inlaws. In my next life, I hope to call Chicago my home. Haha. Glad to hear you enjoyed the city as well. Changes in routine are hard on all of us: This summer I sent thing one off to summer school to help keep him in the groove (he loved it) but the younger thing is finding mischief and questionable friend choices as a means to cope with the absence of structure during the summer.

    Oh my, what a chatty reply….but always good to catch up through the Internet. Good luck with the writing!

    • I really hope to go again someday, I loved the combination of water/city streets/park space. It reminded me so much of London – but I have to say I preferred Chicago! Good to hear from you.

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