I placed in the International Digital Awards!!!

I’m reading One Plus One by Jojo Moyes at the moment, the perfect novel to curl up with on a chilly night. I read Me Before You earlier this year and was so impressed by her writing; I’d been wondering if I’d feel a little let down by this one, but no. This story, about a single mum struggling to find a way to afford a place in a private school for her gifted daughter whilst struggling with jobs, life, and a flatulent dog named Norman, really springs to life off the pages – I love it. Wish I could write like this.

I completed edits for Rainy Days and Roses and am now waiting for a release date. I think this is the best thing I’ve ever written (although I always think that when I’ve just written something) but . . . I want my next piece of writing to be longer, novel-length if possible. I’m 20k words into another story set in Bagley, Suffolk, in Rose Cottage, and eventually want to write a third set in Bagley which will take place during WWII. Achieving this may take years. I haven’t written a word this week as so much has cropped up –

1. Hugely complex personal and transportation problems.

2. A broken furnace, which had to be replaced after several days of scrabbling around for firewood. The furnace decided to pack up during the first spell of bad weather this season.

3. Helping Boy 2 apply for film school.

4. Poring over cook books. Miss W is now a vegetarian so am searching for new recipes that are acceptable to her. She does help with the cooking.

5. Watching Call the Midwife with Miss W.

6. Wrapping Christmas presents.

Usually I plod on with writing whatever life throws my way but haven’t been able to this week. I did receive a few reminders of my writing life this week – a check for a story I wrote last Christmas and a certificate from the Oklahoma branch of the Romance Writers of America – Paris Rose placed in the International Digital Awards. I’ve placed the certificate next to my desk and hopefully it will spur me on to keep writing when I’d really rather curl up on the couch with some chocolate and watch Call the Midwife.


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