Trip to Chicago and the Man in the Cardigan

June was a month during which I just had to reconcile myself to not writing. Youngest son was home from school, and children with autism can be pretty demanding, especially when their safe routines suddenly disappear. What I DID manage to do was edit Rainy Days and Roses and join a very nice group of […]

My Name is Dawn, and I am a Pantser

It’s been a crazy, busy few weeks and as so often happens writing has had to take a back seat. Whenever I finish a writing project, I plunge into a bit of a panic, convinced I will never come up with another idea. I was so involved with my last project and absolutely in love […]

My First Love – Writing

I was about eight years old, in bed with a bad cold, reading Charlotte’s Web. I’d read many, many books before this one, in fact I’d been a book addict for over a year. But turning these pages, enthralled, I suddenly knew what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to write stories […]

Paris Rose

]My novella, Paris Rose, is to be published by The Wild Rose Press! This one took me a while to write and was partly inspired by my trip to Paris last September. I set most of my stories in either England (where I am from), Denver (where I have lived for the past 20 years) […]